What is organic church?

The term has many different meanings today, depending on who you ask. But this is a definition by T. Austin-Sparks that many believe is the best explanation of the biblical idea of the nature of the church (ekklesia), which is an organism — hence, “organic.”

God’s way and law of fullness is that of organic life. In the Divine order, life produces its own organism, whether it be a vegetable, animal, human or spiritual. This means that everything comes from the inside. Function, order and fruit issue from this law of life within. It was solely on this principle that what we have in the New Testament came into being. Organized Christianity has entirely reversed this order.

Quote taken from this article called What is an organic church? a plea for clarity.

Is organic church a movement?

Some say that “organic church” is a movement. Others insist it’s not a movement because it’s not nearly large enough.

True organic churches are very hard to find these days. Interest in organic church was popular in North America from 1968-1977, then from 1994-1999, and then from 2008 to 2012.

Interest in organic church has waned since, but many believe a second wave will happen again among Millennials in the future.

Is organic church the same as “home church,” “house church,” and “simple church?”

Some use the term “organic church” to mean a group of Christians (a “church”) that has a simple structure and that gathers in a home.

The problem with this idea is that home groups that have a pastor over them and operate just like a traditional church or a Bible study are not organic.

For this reason, many distinguish organic churches from house churches, home churches, and simple churches.

For these people, organic churches have the following characteristics:

  • There is no clergy or pastor over the church.
  • Decisions are made by consensus by the whole body.
  • The church may meet in homes or it may meet in other spaces like club houses, rented spaces, hotel rooms, etc. But there is no sacred space or religious building.
  • Every member in the church functions and seeks to do so under the leadership of Christ through the Holy Spirit.
  • The church experiences close-knit community outside of its regular gatherings.
  • The church is centered completely on Christ and nothing else.
  • The church may receive help from extra local people who equip and encourage it as well as help it through difficult times (someone in a Paul-like role).

Many house churches, home churches, and simple churches (and even groups that use the term “organic church”) do not have these characteristics. So calling them “organic” is a misnomer.

What are some good books to teach me about organic church?

You can find these titles on Amazon.com – just type in the full name of the book.

God’s Spiritual House

The Normal Christian Church Life

Jesus Is Family

Pagan Christianity

Reimagining Church

Finding Organic Church

The Community Life of God

How do I find an organic church?

It’s very difficult to find a true organic church in our time. Most organic church “directories” on the Web are outdated and many groups listed on them have no features of a true organic church.

Therefore, many believe it’s best to begin an organic church where you live instead of trying to find one.

How can I start an organic church?

Various authors of organic church have different explanations for how an organic church begins. Some of the books listed above provide practical instructions on how to start one.


House Church Resource – contains resources for organic churches, despite the name “house church”

The Radical Resurgence – the resurgence of the radical reformation


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